Drawings Come to Life

How did you make my drawing come to life?

We often hear this from Itza adventurers of all ages. It is a common reaction the first time someone sees the simple sketch they completed spring to life as an animated and integrated part of the game. The simple answer to this is “Living Ink”, the cornerstone of ItzaBitza and ItzaZoo’s unique appeal and the technology that allows any drawing come to life.

Living Ink Drawing Technology

About Living Ink

When the game asks for your child to draw a house, only their imagination limits the type of house they can draw. Whether it is a fairytale toad stool house or an elaborate castle, the game will accept any series of shapes and smartly integrate them as part of the game. Living Ink enables the unprecedented freedom of expression in ItzaBitza by using advanced recognition technology developed at Microsoft Research.

Breakthrough in Children’s Drawing Recognition

childrens drawing recognitionAlthough it is easy for humans to look at a picture and recognize its meaning, computers have historically struggled in this domain. Microsoft Research collaborated with Erik Strommen, a child developmental psychologist with an expertise in children’s drawings to create and image recognition technology robust enough to stand the test of the wild imagination of millions of creative young children.

By deeply understanding how people drew we were able to go far beyond what we could do with the classic approaches to image recognition” — Thomas Steinke, Sabi’s CTO and Cofounder

For instance when your child draws a house, the system will know the difference between the house’s door and the window, despite all the different ways that you could potentially draw one. Or maybe draw some fire under a rocket ship and make it blast off into space. Living Ink allows your child’s creativity to be instantly rewarded.